About Steph:


About me? Ok, I’ll just start off by stating that I am an introvert most of the time, so this blogging thing is a new ride for me.

So, I could tell you about my past, I could tell you about all of the mistakes and future lessons learned. I could tell you about some of my crazy nights and heartbreaks. I could tell you about my hypocrisy and self-centered actions. Oh and I could tell you about decayed relationships with friends and family due to my hardened heart and bitterness. OR…I could tell you how powerful GOD is and how He changed the most deep and inner parts of me and how He gave me a new heart. Not just any new heart, but His heart at that. Yeah, let’s go with that story. I’m a forgiven sinner who loves my sweet Jesus. My hope and future was restored in 2010 when I decided to follow Him. Crazy huh? Nah, it’s love. Relentless love.

Ministry, outdoor adventures, walking off a given course, sunsets, winter attire, coffee shops, shopping, and laughing are some of my favorite things.

I am a full time Youth Pastor with the best ministry in the world where my students have given me many names like, “Ms. Steph, Estefania, Pastor Stephanie, and mom”. My favorite name is given to me by my King who calls me His “Precious Daughter”. Serving God is beautiful, and if you’re not doing it try it some time because it will rock your world!

Well that’s enough about that. Hoping to post blogs weekly, or whenever it’s raining.

Enjoy, my friends and thanks for reading!


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